Monday, May 2, 2016

On-Site Visit to the Eco-Home Orphanage

Scott Hamilton, President and Program Director is currently visiting the sponsored Dooley Intermed Eco-Home for orphans along with surveying future projects in remote areas of Nepal.

It has been a busy day. We left Kathmandu in the morning to drive to Banepa District where we had a series of meetings with the Reiukai Masunaga Eye Hospital. We discussed future outreach projects including one at Namo Buddha, in the Sankkhu-Sharada Valley, in the hills above the orphanage. Also a series of outreach projects in a remote region of the area hardest hit by the earthquake last year.
Following those meetings we went for a site inspection of the new Dooley sponsored medical clinic near the orphanage. The building is up, complete with Windows, doors, and furniture! Plumbing is being completed now, and some additional work on the access roadway, and grounds. Medicines are on-site, and our Dooley team delivered 3 additional large bags of donated medical supplies. We will soon be open and assisting all villagers in need.
Next we traveled to the nearby Dooley supported orphanage. School was only a half day, so right after lunch all 26 children arrived. Among the activities was a dance contest which the kids won with no difficulty. The new Dooley sponsored well has been dug, and the higher capacity filtration system is on site. Well water is being tested to assure quality before we switch to the new system. New Dooley sponsored solar panels have been placed on the roof powering a much needed led lighting system with battery storage and backup generator.
We have 3 more kids in desperate need of a home and are trying to figure out a way cover the additional costs involved.
Tomorrow our Dooley team is heading for Gorkha region, the epicenter of the earthquake, to check on our rebuilding projects. Gorkha is quite remote so it may be around 48 hours before we are able to post another update, after we arrive in Pokhara.

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