Thursday, February 18, 2016

AirIntermed Nepal 2016 Volunteer Program

A Unique Mission….and Amazing Opportunity!

Immerse yourself in the Nepali culture by living and interacting with a group of beautiful chi...ldren at the EcoFarm Home for Orphans. Our Nepali support organization, Mission Himalaya, will meet you at the Tribhuvan International Airport as you leave the terminal. From there you will be taken to your Kathmandu Lodgings at the Hotel Tibet in Lazimpath…a warm, welcoming environment.
Abhaya will be your escort, guide, advisor, friend. He is a charming, young, totally dedicated and more than capable young man who truly CARES. I have seen him go above and beyond the call of duty SO many times and am completely confident that you are in good, SAFE hands.

Your duties at the EcoFarm will be, in a nutshell, to interact with the kids, speak ENGLISH with them and introduce them to games, crafts, activities….in short…to have FUN with them. At the DIVINE LIGHT English School, you can visit classrooms and tell the children about you, your life, share whatever your talents, visions are and your heart leads you, inviting questions and participation from the children. This may take the form of dance, song, art….who knows?

In a nutshell, I think your greatest gift to the children is just to BE with them, encourage them to practice their English with you….and just ENJOY each other. You will return, as former volunteers have, describing your experience as “life-changing” and fantastic!

Please contact me to participate in the Spring or Fall Missions

Spring teams...

March 3/15 – 3/27 or 3/25 – 4/6
April 4/4 – 4/16 or 4/14 – 4/26 or 4/24 – 5/6
May 5/4 – 5/16 or 5/14 – 5/26 or 5/24-6/5
June 6/3 – 6/15

School Day Comes to an End

Fall teams

September 9/15 – 9/27, 9/25 – 10/7
October 10/15 – 10/27 or 10/25 – 11/6
November 11/4 – 11/18

Cost of the two week program is $1060 and includes your hotel in Kathmandu plus breakfast, a welcome and farewell dinner, room and all meals at the Eco-Farm plus all transportation including being met at the airport upon arrival.Your mission will be skillfully guided by Abhaya Khanal who is simply wonderful and will make you feel welcome and safe.

Thank you.

Kate Jewell

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