Sunday, May 24, 2015

Emergency Shelter Update...

Nepal Update 5/24/2015

Mingma Sherpa from Thamo Village stopped by our Dooley Intermed/Mission Himalaya headquarters in Kathmandu today with an emergency request for shelters for the monks from Thame Monastery, in the Khumbu region. Minima, a professional guide, has climbed Mt. Everest 9 times, and his famous cousin Apa has summited the worlds highest peak 21 times, the world record.  Dooley President Scott Hamilton first met Apa during a climbing expedition back in 1994.

The Thame Monastery was very badly damaged by the recent earthquake and had to be evacuated. The monks are in desperate need of shelter, living in the open at 3,750m elevation and facing the rapidly approaching monsoon.

Dooley Intermed is pleased to provide 5 dome shelters, now planned for a helicopter trip tomorrow morning to Lukla Village. From Lukla the shelters will be hand carried for an additional 3 hours to the monks.

One of five relief shelters now headed to Thame Village in the Khumbu Region of Nepal
L to R; Bibhu Thakur, Chairman of Mission Himalaya, Scott Hamilton, President of Dooley Intermed, Mingma Sherp

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  1. It's great to hear that the dome shelters have been donated and are on the way to the monks at Thame Monastery. I'm sure it will give the monks such a boost to have some decent shelter and protection from the elements, especially in that location!