Sunday, July 28, 2013

Children receive urgently needed medical care in a remote area of Nicaragua

A childs elbow that needs medical attention

Santa Ines Clinic Mobile Outreach

During the first three months of 2013 the Santa Ines Clinic mobile medical team which comprised of eight doctors, nurses and supporting staff and directed by Sister Mirna Alvarado, made great headway in achieving their goal by visiting thirteen communities by truck in the surrounding areas of the Santa Ines Clinic, offering medical and nursing consultations, along with referring pregnant women who are ready to give birth or who are at obstetrical risk.

A total of 2,326 consultations were conducted.  The villagers who visited the outreach clinic varied in medical needs and ages. Many were children but 61% of the patients were women in greater need of medical attention. 

There were a variety of medical conditions, including; Intestinal parasites, Urinary infections, acute respiratory infirmities, acute diarrhea, Intestinal dysentery, inflammatory pelvic infirmities, just to name a few.

The medical staff was also able to identify and help 330 oral health problems which included dental extractions due to a variety of problems causing the patient to experience pain and discomfort.

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