Tuesday, May 17, 2016

You can become a "Buffalo Buddy"

The children at the Orphanage in Nepal need milk…
Join “Buffalo Joe” Watson, and help these kids get good nutrition.
Joe Watson recently returned from Nepal where he accompanied Scott Hamilton on site visits and inspections of Dooley Intermed projects. He was impressed, to say the least. While at the Orphange, he developed a plan to provide the children a reliable supply of nutritious milk. Because of the rural location, children in the area rely on fresh buffalo milk.
With your support, “Buffalo Joe” and Dooley Intermed are determined to raise the funds to purchase 3 buffalo and a protective shed, enough to supply all the children currently in residence, plus a few more who will soon be arriving, with fresh milk. The location of the new buffalo corral will be adjacent to the Orphanage, under a big shade tree, a perfect spot.
With a tax-deductible donation you can become a “Buffalo Buddy”, helping these kids enjoy enhanced health and nutrition. If oversubscribed we will use the extra funds for future adjacent land purchase, and to provide space for any buffalo babies, after an approximately 300 day gestation period. Everyone who joins at the $250 level and above will also receive an “Official Buffalo Buddy” certificate from Dooley Intermed. Please know that any gift amount, large or small, is greatly appreciated.

A little factoid or two: there are 130 million domesticated water buffalo. More humans rely on water buffalo than any other domesticated animal. Water buffalo are suitable for tilling rice fields and their milk is richer in fat and protein than that of dairy cattle, a very nice thing for the children of Eco Home. Any Buffalo Babies not needed for milk by the Eco Home can be readily sold to provide revenue for children's food purchases.
Thank you for your support!
Please go to www.dooleyintermed.org and donate now!
“Buffalo Joe”, wearing the ray-bans
26 happy kids sharing a new home and a bright future, thanks to you

The future Buffalo Corral, with the large shade tree

Thank You for your support!

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