Friday, June 5, 2015

Summary of Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts

Dooley Intermed International
Summary of Nepal Earthquake Relief Efforts
As of June 1, 2015

The devastating earthquakes in Nepal have caused enormous damage and loss of life. The need for support and aid is ongoing, as it will take years to restore the infrastructure and housing needs.

Dooley Intermed has been active in Nepal for over 50 years, thus enabling us to go places and accomplish things that other organizations cannot. Working with our local partners at Mission Himalaya in Kathmandu, Dooley Intermed has delivered significant aid directly to the people in need. Our earthquake response efforts are listed below, and include a major humanitarian response in three very difficult to access districts of the earthquake epicenter, the Gorkha region.  Our President, Scott Hamilton, and Medical Director Dr. Indira Kairam have both personally been on-site in Nepal coordinating our activities.

The ongoing need is enormous, and the approaching monsoon makes providing adequate shelter a major priority, especially for the children. Your support and funding is making a genuine difference to many people in great need. 

Kashi Gaon Village – helicopter delivery of over 2 tons of urgently needed food supplies, and 200 tarpaulins to this remote Gorkha village in response to an emergency plea for help

Namjung, Fujel & Durbang Villages in Gorkha Region. 
Dooley Intermed help was officially requested and authorized by the Government of Nepal to provide vital aid to these 3 VDC’s (Village Development Committees) at the earthquake epicenter. In a series of expeditions to the area, we delivered and erected 64 shelters throughout the districts as temporary school classrooms and emergency dwellings. Working with our local Nepal partner Mission Himalaya, we provided a crew of 15 workers to help transport and erect the shelters in the most remote areas. Dooley Intermed’s Medical Director, Dr. Indira Kairam, conducted a 2 day free medical clinic in Durbang, treating all villagers in need. Working with the Bridge Foundation, we also provided each village healthpost with an extensive inventory of medicines and medical supplies.

Thame Village, Sokukhumbu region
Responding to an emergency request, Dooley Intermed provided five relief shelters to the monks at the Thame Monastery, who were forced to live out in the open at an altitude of 3,800m after their monastery was severely damaged by the 2nd earthquake. The shelters were transported to Lukla by helicopter, then carried on foot to Thame Village

Shanku Village, NE of Kathmandu
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya conducted a site visit and met with local residents to arrange emergency shelters in advance of the oncoming monsoon. Materials are currently being sourced in India due to shortages in Nepal.

Kathmandu, Nepal
In response to an emergency request, Dooley Intermed provided emergency relief dome shelters to local families who had been living under tarps.

Bal Mandir Orphanage, Kathmandu
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya provided a medical team to treat the suffering children at one of Kathmandu’s largest orphanages. We also provide much needed clothing and food.

Hot Kitchen Program, Nallu VDC, Ward No. 8
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya provided a multi-day “Hot Kitchen” providing free meals to all in need, along with free healthcare and relief items.

Hot Kitchen Program, Lele VDC, Wards No. 4, 5 & 6
Dooley Intermed and Mission Himalaya provided a multi-day “Hot Kitchen” providing free meals to all in need, along with healthcare and relief items.

Hot Kitchen Program, Nuwakot VDC,
Dooley Intermed supported an all-day free medical clinic with 5 medical doctors, nurses and pharmacy assistants providing urgent medical care to over 350 villagers displaced by the earthquake.

Orphanage Eco-Farm, located in Sanku Village area.
Dooley Intermed provided a large 30’ diameter emergency dome shelter to protect the children during earthquakes and aftershocks.  Dooley Intermed, via our local partners at Mission Himalaya, has been requested by local officials to prepare to take in several additional children whose parents were both killed by the earthquakes. Legal documentation facilitating transfer of these homeless children to our orphanage is underway.

Our efforts continue as we provide ongoing assistance to the people of Nepal to help rebuild their homes and lives. 

With sincere thanks for your support.


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