Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Remarkable Monks at the Pema Ts'al Monastic Institute...

The remarkable monks at the Pema Ts'al Sakya Monastic Institute are performing special prayers for earthquake victims for 8 hours each day from May 26th thru June 2nd.  In addition, they have been making daily visits to earthquake victims hospitalized in the Pokhara area, providing free food as well as cash stipends to help the victims recover. These same monks have accompanied our Dooley team on a number of humanitarian eye & vision expeditions, serving as a highly capable assistants and interpreters. Our Dooley team, the monks, and a team from the Himalaya Eye Hospital had been scheduled to be in the Gorkha region the week following the earthquake.

Arising at 5:00 this morning our team traveled to the monastery to join the monks during their morning prayers. Afterward we met with the Headmaster, Ven. Lama Rigzen, to initiate plans for a monk-led humanitarian aid expedition to very remote and inaccessible villages in the Dhading district, to the East of Gorkha. The monks have remarkable access and local knowledge, so are able to go places and do things others cannot. Dooley Intermed looks forward to providing support for their expedition.

In the meantime Kathmandu, our destination today, reports a series of aftershocks. The road from Pokhara to Kathmandu easily qualifies as one of the world's deadliest highways. Fingers crossed for today's journey. We will update when we reach Kathmandu.

Monks praying for earthquake survivors

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