Thursday, May 7, 2015

Helicopter Rescue Mission

Helicopter Rescue Mission - Our Dooley Intermed sponsored team at Mission Himalaya in Kathmandu is currently responding to an urgent plea for help coming from  Kashi Gaon Village. The villagers are in dire straits due to the earthquake and resulting landslides blocking all the usual access routes for supplies. Local officials have advised the situation is critical, and have specially requested our Dooley / Mission Himalaya team  try to expedite relief aid by all possible means. Today we dispatched 2 tons of vital basic necessities including noodles, biscuits, rice, salt, sugar and cooking oil etc., along with soap and sanitation items overland by vehicle to Aurghat Village…literally at the end of the road.  In normal times goods would continue onward by mule caravan or porter, but the steep mountain trails were obliterated by landslides caused by the earthquake.  Overland transport is currently impossible and the village is unreachable by conventional means, so our team at Mission Himalaya has chartered a helicopter.  The chopper is scheduled to depart Kathmandu at 8am tomorrow morning (tonight USA time), flying via Aurghat Village, where we have staged the relief goods. Due to limited lifting capability, the helicopter will require 4 shuttle runs between Aurghat and  Kashi Gaon in order to deliver all the urgently needed supplies to the isolated and desperate village.   Two of our most trusted and experienced local agents, Basanta and Arjun are personally coordinating the effort, accompanied by Matt, a dedicated supporter from the Dubai based charity Gulf For Good who is helping raise funds to cover the helicopter costs to deliver this vital aid. This will also give our team a first-hand look at the village so we can formulate an ongoing plan to provide needed aid, and assist with rebuilding.  These missions are not without risk, so fingers crossed for safety and success of our Dooley /Mission Himalaya rescue mission.

First of 4 loads of supplies arrives by helicopter

Loading emergency supplies on the helicopter

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