Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Success Story ...

Nearly 30 years ago a young Dooley Intermed physician, 
Dr. Maria Compte, (at right) bid farewell to family and friends and journeyed deep into the heart of Central America to assist remote and impoverished villagers.  She ended up in Honduras, and stayed for half a decade, serving as Dooley Intermed’s Medical Director, living in rough local housing, traveling the Coco River by dugout canoe to remote villages holding clinics, delivering babies, performing surgery and training local health workers.

Overwhelmed by the great need for medical care, with Dooley Intermed’s support Maria established a permanent aid program across the Coco River in the Nicaraguan Village of Waspam. It has since grown to be one of our most successful long-term medical projects. Managed by a small group of Catholic nuns, the Santa Ines clinic provides vital assistance to the local communities, traveling by truck, boat, and even still by dugout canoe to reach the most remote Miskito and Mayagana villages.

The Santa Ines Clinic now has 8 doctors and nurses, and provides vital medical care to nearly 3,000 people each year.  Recent upgrades include a modest maternal care facility, diagnostic equipment, and a training program for local medical technicians, known a “doulas”. Our goal at Dooley Intermed is to help those living beyond the reach of traditional healthcare. Thanks to the vision of Dr. Maria Compte, the Santa Ines clinic is an ongoing success story.

We express our gratitude to you, our donors, for the gifts that makes projects like this possible. Your contributions enable us to improve lives around the world.

With thanks and appreciation for your support.


 Verne Chaney, M.D.,  President Retired and Founder
 Scott Hamilton,  President

                                                       Distributing shoes to the children
                                                             Children receive gifts/toys
                                                      Sorting and distributing medicines
 Sister Mirna Alvarado and staff on the way to see villagers along the Coco river, Nicaragua

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