Saturday, January 4, 2014

Please meet one of our children at the orphanage, Barsha...

Please meet a beautiful young child, Barsha, now living a wonderful new life that your support of Dooley Intermed has made possible. Her story is a genuine tale of hardship, abandonment, fear and hunger, transformed into hope and happiness. Barsha’s father committed suicide about 4 years ago. Shortly afterward, her mother remarried and moved far away abandoning Barsha and her little sister Jharana. Facing a bleak future, their maternal Grandmother took them in and provided for them as best she could, as her only source of income came from running a tiny village shop. Her husband had recently passed away and with the extra mouths to feed, they could barely survive. Food was scarce, education minimal, healthcare virtually non-existent. These children’s future was not bright. Our team found Barsha and Jharana in their remote village and, with their Grandmother’s blessing and thanks, they both recently joined our small family of fifteen happy healthy children at the new Orphanage Eco-Farm in the beautiful Sankhu Valley of Nepal. Of course, there are many, many more children like this, who desperately need your help. Your gift to Dooley Intermed makes more of these “miracles” possible. Our goal is to bring ten more homeless children like Barsha and Jharana to the Orphanage in the coming year. Can you help? On behalf of Barsha, Jharana, and the entire Dooley Intermed Team, we thank you for your support.

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