Tuesday, August 20, 2013

If You're Going to Thailand....

Vanida Mongkhone in her shop
If you’re going to Thailand….
Be sure to visit The House of Handicrafts when in the Mueng District, where you can buy a wide variety of beautiful items made by Thai, Lao and Vietnamese women villagers in our program in Nongkhai Province.  Purchases of these items help support the program benefitting village women, run by Vanida S. Mongkhone, our program director. Vanida’s experience as Director of the Home Economic School in Vientiane Laos, and earlier, with USAID in 1964, when she instructed village women in handicrafts, proper sanitation, food preparation and food preservation, more than qualified her to run this wonderful  program. Village women are taught marketable handicraft skills and paid for their work upon completion of an item, the income enabling them to provide food and medicines for their families, in addition to raising the women’s self-esteem. An added bonus is the preservation of the artistic culture of the many tribes whose embroidery and textile skills are highly regarded around the world.
The House of Handicrafts is located at
211/5, 211/8 Pramong Road, Nong Komkor, Mueng District, Nongkhai Province Thailand 43000

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