Monday, July 15, 2013

Dooley Intermed is Proud to Continue it's 40 Year Support for an On-going Handicraft Program for Village Women and Their Families...

40 years ago, an energetic, compassionate and imaginative woman of Lao Thai language, working in Vientiane Laos for the American aid program as a nutritionist and teacher, understood very well what was happening in her country as hundreds of refugees from the northern hills of Laos were fleeing the bombing and the war. The beautiful people of the hill tribes - - the Hmong, the Yao, the Karen and the Akha - - were homeless, hungry, sick and poor. Vanida Sounthone Mongkhone, a refugee herself distantly related to the Royal families of the Kingdoms of both Laos and Thailand, took it upon herself to organize groups of refugees to begin making various handicrafts utilizing their native skills of sewing, embroidery, weaving and design which she sold to foreign government workers and military providing funds for the refugees to buy food and medicines. She also gave lessons in personal hygiene, preventive medicine, cooking, and nutrition. Until this day she is still working in her modest shop helping village women support themselves and their families.

                                                            Vanida is on the right

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