Tuesday, June 4, 2013

How To Stay Safe and Healthy In Nepal

How to Stay Safe and Healthy in Nepal 
By Jeff Blumenfeld, editor and publisher, Expedition News

As the new guy on the Gift of Sight team, and without years of medical training, I soaked up health and safety advice from the others. I learn food in Nepal isn't necessarily praised for being delicious or wholesome - cleanliness is what matters most.

The body is under attack from all sides and my delicate Connecticut stomach is unaccustomed to this onslaught.

The hands are deadly weapons, threatening to transmit pathogens from tables, door handles, and sinks to the nearest bodily portal. Don't bite your nails, don't touch your face. Travel with a king-sized bottle of Purell.

"You want to be careful that what you eat hasn't been blessed by flies who've just danced on yak dung," expedition leader Scott Hamilton jokes, except I realize it's not a joke.

Tap water is liquid death, I'm advised. Shower with the mouth closed, head down, and don't trust bottled water unless it's safety sealed and you've checked the cap by holding it upside down and squeezing it. Remember that scene in Slumdog Millionaire? I'm told the refilling of water bottles is not uncommon.

Food has to be piping hot. Toast is fine. A big open bowl of yogurt not so good. That craving for a chef salad will have to wait until I return.

There is no OSHA here. If the hotel room phone has a steady ring, don't answer. It's likely a power surge somewhere up the line ready to zap.

There are strange wires in the room, phantom switches, and the plug sparks when I charge my phone. There are also lots of sharp edges. Best advice? Take cuts seriously and disinfect immediately.

Finally, Scott advises, "never ever pet a dog in Nepal. Don't even think about it lest you contract rabies. Don't go near the monkeys either - they're mean little buggers. Back away and let them think they're the boss. It's not a fair fight; they have rabies, you don't."

Wise advice for someone new in town.

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